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Nevada Partnership for Value-Driven Healthcare (NPV)

The NPV is a multi-stakeholder community collaborative made up of public and private payers, purchasers, providers and the public. On September 3, 2008 the NPV was designated a Chartered Value Exchange (CVE) by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Mission: The Partnership's mission is to work with stakeholders to improve the effectiveness and safety of care that Nevada patients receive through the implementation of interoperable health information technologies, data sharing and incentive programs that promote better health, better care and lower cost.

Vision: A value-driven health care system that promotes both quality and cost-effective health care for Nevadans through the use of cost and quality transparency and interoperability of health care technology.

Goal: The Partnership's goal is to improve the quality, accessibility, safety, equity, efficiency and coordination of patient-centered health care in Nevada by developing a health care system offering a full range of relevant health decision information, cost and quality comparisons, and incentives to involve consumers in better health choices.

2014-2015 Priorities: The Partnership established four priority areas to work toward during 2014 and 2015. Those priorities are listed below:

  1. Community Collaboratives - Expand the impacts of community collaborations that address medical, behavioural and environmental determinants of health and well-being.
  2. Care Coordination - Increase access to care in our communities and improve care coordination across health care settings.
  3. Patient and Family Engagement - Improve the engagement of patients and families in self-management of chronic health conditions.
  4. Health Care Workforce - Expand the primary and behavioral care workforce throughout Nevada.

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