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Utah Partnership for Value-Driven Healthcare


Join our mailing list The Utah Partnership for Value-driven Health Care (UPV) is a regional health improvement collaborative comprised of stakeholders representing health care purchasers, payers, providers and the public. UPV seeks to advance higher value health care in our community, through shared strategies that address transparency, variation in cost and quality, and community approaches to delivery system improvement.

Upcoming Events

Save the Date! On August 18 from 9:30 to 11:30am, discover how — and why — medical costs and outcomes vary across regions, states, and even within the same city. HealthInsight is partnering with three other states, the National Bureau of Economic Research, Harvard University, and the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) in a five-year study that aims to create a national model to help understand the characteristics of delivery systems that contribute to better health care at lower costs.

We and our partners will present preliminary information on selected quality measures (listed below) and per capita spending that were created using commercial All-Payers Claims Data (APCD) from 2014 collected in Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon and Utah.

  1. Developmental screening for the first 36 months of life
  2. Follow-up care for children prescribed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) medication
  3. Adolescent well-care visits
  4. Anti-depressant medication management
  5. Hospital admissions for ambulatory-sensitive conditions- acute composite
  6. Hospital admissions for ambulatory-sensitive conditions- chronic composite
  7. Avoidance of antibiotic treatment in adults with acute bronchitis
  8. Chlamydia screening

For this initial stakeholder feedback session, we will share data comparisons across and within the four states, and participants will be asked to discuss what might cause the variation. We will explore what features of health systems might cause variation and how those factors might best be measured.

Providers, payors, purchasers, and the public are invited to attend HealthInsight Utah's Annual Quality Conference on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017, which will include the patient and family centered care consortium kickoff featuring John Santa of OpenNotes. Details on registration coming shortly. Please check back soon for updates.

Community Role


The Utah Partnership for Value-driven Health Care (UPV) operates under a collaborative, member-driven process, comprised of local organizations and representatives from payor, provider, purchaser and patient/consumer backgrounds. All partners are encouraged to attend and collaborate to identify needed changes to the health care system. The work of the UPV is accomplished through member-led workgroups related to topics and initiatives identified by the collaborative.



Championed by passionate UPV members, workgroups were created to address specific topics of importance within the community. Workgroups meet more frequently than the broader member meetings and provide regular updates on their initiatives.

Advance Care Planning Advisory (ACP) Group

Doctor and patients

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is a comprehensive approach to end of life care that ensures a shared understanding of the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options, and relevant goals and values of the patient; and then establishing a plan to make sure the treatment plan matches those goals. ACP planning includes conversations between patients, caregivers, and providers as well as documentation of patient preferences.

Beginning in fall 2015, the ACP Advisory Group has met monthly to discuss end of life (EOL) care and advance care planning (ACP) topics affecting Utahns. Previous initiatives through the Beacon grant and the Utah State Innovation Model cooperative agreement from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation helped connect organizations and individuals who are passionate about improving end of life care education, policy, and documentation in Utah. This group focuses on 3 aims:

  1. Empower patients and families to engage in informed EOL conversations within families and their providers,
  2. Provide training to providers to facilitate these discussions and integrate documentation of the discussion into provider-workflow utilizing a clinical decision support system, and
  3. Enhance the portability and accessibility of documented preferences, Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) and Advance Directives, at the time of need using a secure electronic process.

End of Life Care Summit Header

End of Life Care Summit Photo 1

The second annual End of Life Care Summit was held on Friday, April 21, 2017 at the Doty Education Center in Murray, slides, videos, and a report of this event's success will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

The first Annual End of Life Care Summit was orchestrated by this group in March 2016 to promote ACP awareness in the community, provide training session to patients and provides, showcase current ACP initiatives, and hear from panelists on end of life topics through diverse cultural and religious lenses.

Bringing Utah's Patient Voices to Research

PCORI Summit

This community stakeholder group, comprised of patients, payors, providers, and purchasers from the University of Utah, Community Faces of Utah, Utah Health Policy Project, Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable, and Intermountain Healthcare has been meeting since October 2015 to improve awareness of patient-centered research in the Utah community. Through partnering with the Annual Health Services Research (HSR) Meeting, this group was able to co-host a conference in March 2016, and March 2017, details of which can be found at Partnering for Better Health: Bringing Utah’s Patient Voices to Research. This conference connects researchers, providers, policymakers, and most importantly-- patients, in a day of intentional collaboration and brainstorming. Reports of these events can be found below.

This initiative is supported through a Patient-Centered Outcomes research Institute (PCORI) Program Award (EA-1724-HealthInsight).

PCORI Summit Logo

2017 Conference

2016 Conference

Community faces of Utah 2016 PCORI
Community faces of Utah 2016 PCORI

Choosing Wisely Utah

Choosing Wisely

This workgroup seeks to address waste and over utilization through provider-led initiatives and patient-provider conversations.

Choosing Wisely Toolkit: 5 QUESTIONS to Ask Your Doctor Before You Get Any Test, Treatment or Procedure

Ensure Your Health

Community health workers from the Ensure Your Health project

Ensure Your Health (Asegure Su Salud) is a community-based program that seeks to improve consumer's ability to make informed health care choices, use their health insurance effectively, access essential preventive services, and facilitate positive patient/doctor relationships. These magnets incorporate aspects of Choosing Wisely and are some of the tools created to help consumers keep track of important contacts and questions to empower consumers to make healthy choices while simultaneously engaging in a dialogue with their health care provider that promotes shared decision-making.

2016 Utah Health Resource Guide

Utah Health Resource Guide

The Utah Health Resource Guide contains information that consumers can use to make informed decisions about where to go for health care and how to interact with health care providers. It includes:

  • A chart of community resources and contact information directing consumers to each partner organization
  • A visual checklist on when to visit an emergency room versus an urgent care center
  • A list of low-cost clinics and urgent care centers in the West Valley City area with hours, contact information and languages spoken
  • A list of nurse, pharmacy, emergency and health care program helplines
  • Choosing Wisely articles and helpful guidance for interacting positively with doctors

Download the 2016 Utah Health Resource Guide.

Download Ensure Your Health: The Way to Better Health Care.

Download the Interim Progress Report Ensure Your Health

TAG - Transparency Advisory Group

The TAG guides data-driven efforts to advance transparency in our community. High-value information on health care cost and quality is displayed to the Utah general public and consumers to use it to make the best health care decisions.

Purpose: Make useful cost and quality data available to Utah patients and providers.

View archived TAG minutes and slides.

Visit for more.

Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives (RHICs)

(RHIC) organizations are health catalysts for change who are committed to transforming health care through cost affordability, quality improvement, and data transparency in a way that is useful for patients, health care professionals and providers, payors, and the general public. RHICs are members of the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI), which is the national membership organization and "provide a neutral, trusted mechanism through which all of the key health care stakeholders in a state or region -- physicians, hospitals, health plans, employers, and patients -- can plan, facilitate, and coordinate the many different activities required for successful transformation of its health care system."

There are over 40 RHICs in the U.S., some of which have been in existence for 15 to 20 years, or longer. Their growth in recent years is partially due to the growing concerns about health care costs and quality across the country, and the proactive efforts by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (through the Aligning Forces for Quality program) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (through the Beacon and Chartered Value Exchange programs) to foster the creation of such entities.

Last updated: September 22, 2017.
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