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Utah Partnership for Value-Driven Healthcare


Join our mailing list The Utah Partnership for Value-driven Health Care (UPV) is a regional health improvement collaborative comprised of stakeholders representing health care purchasers, payers, providers and the public. UPV seeks to advance higher value health care in our community, through shared strategies that address transparency, variation in cost and quality, and community approaches to delivery system improvement.


The Utah Partnership for Value-driven Health Care (UPV) operates under a collaborative, member-driven process, comprised of local organizations and representatives from payor, provider, purchaser and patient/consumer backgrounds. All partners are encouraged to attend and collaborate to identify needed changes to the health care system. The work of the UPV is accomplished through member-led workgroups related to topics and initiatives identified by the collaborative.



Championed by passionate UPV members, workgroups were created to address specific topics of importance within the community. Workgroups meet more frequently than the broader member meetings and provide regular updates on their initiatives.

Last updated: August 16, 2018.



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