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True North Dashboard

What is the True North Dashboard?

The True North Dashboard represents an effort to measure HealthInsight's progress toward broad, community-wide improvements in health care and its cost and quality, overall organizational performance and our ability to financially achieve our mission. At the heart, it is a measure of the health of our community. The dashboard is also a reflection of our Ends Policies, which, as a whole, is a broad statement of the long-term results we are seeking to accomplish.

Why have we developed the True North Dashboard?

HealthInsight has been working for a long time to improve health care in the communities we serve and, more recently, to improve the health of our population. We have found success in specific projects, such as improving blood pressure control or increasing immunization rates, yet the big measures of population health don't seem to change as a result. The True North Dashboard is an effort to ensure we have a portfolio of activities that positively affects those over time. It is a way for us to measure our commitment and our accountability to the community, not just to change individual metrics, but to also impact the broad system.

How can visitors use the information they find on the True North Dashboard?

Dashboard visitors can use this information as a marker of community population health. Users can replicate or use similar measures to track activities that have been undertaken or acknowledge ownership for broader performance, not just for the specific detailed measures that are involved in a project. We hope others in the community will share the dashboard within their organizations or with partners who are better positioned to work on some of the high-level areas of performance. We can't change the outcomes in the True North Dashboard by ourselves - we don't have enough resources or skills - but as a community we can work together to improve the True North metrics and the overall health of our population.