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Category: Developing a Patient Self-Monitoring Program

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Contains tools that a provider can use to educate a patient about blood pressure basics, home blood pressure monitoring, self-management and healthy lifestyle.

Created: 03-26-2015
Size: 731.59 KB
A comprehensive guide to facilitate the implementation of self-measured blood pressure monitoring program.

Created: 03-26-2015
Size: 1 MB
This is a two-page resource for patient with information about blood pressure cuffs and taking blood pressure measurements at home. Space is also provided for the healthcare professional to write in a target BP and frequency of measurement instructions for patients.

Created: 03-26-2015
Size: 1.13 MB
This is a guide for patients about measuring blood pressure and how to take an accurate measurement at home. Guidance is also given about purchasing a blood pressure cuff and interpreting measurement results.

Created: 03-26-2015
Size: 573.21 KB
An example protocol of telephone management of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring.

Created: 03-26-2015
Size: 492.24 KB