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Created: 01-05-2018
Size: 113.27 KB
Document detailing proper procedure for taking a serial automated blood pressure in the office setting.

Created: 06-29-2015
Size: 245.34 KB
This document provides recommended technique for measuring blood pressure in an office. It includes best practices for patient preparation, patient position, equipment, cuff size, measurement, number of measurements and special circumstances.

Created: 06-29-2015
Size: 633.75 KB
This document gives advice on how to purchase automated validated blood pressure equipment for a health care facility; examples are provided.

Created: 06-29-2015
Size: 193.95 KB
Use this example of training standards to develop your own office policy for training staff on blood pressure measurement technique.

Created: 06-29-2015
Size: 834.8 KB
This is a two-page resource for patient with information about blood pressure cuffs and taking blood pressure measurements at home. Space is also provided for the health care professional to write in a target BP and frequency of measurement instructions for patients.

Created: 06-29-2015
Size: 808.34 KB
This is a resource for patients about how to interpret their blood pressure and action steps to take when taking blood pressure at home.

Created: 06-29-2015
Size: 137.39 KB
This is a guide for patients about measuring blood pressure and how to take an accurate measurement at home. Guidance is also given about purchasing a blood pressure cuff and interpreting measurement results.

Created: 06-29-2015
Size: 232.48 KB

Common errors in blood pressure technique are displayed alongside the corresponding changes in blood pressure measurement

Created: 06-29-2015
Size: 145.41 KB
Use this example of training standards to develop your own office policy of patient training for home blood pressure monitoring.

Created: 06-29-2015
Size: 585.84 KB
An example protocol of telephone management of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring.

Created: 06-29-2015
Size: 140.28 KB
The self-assessment can be completed by anyone on the health care team – or by multiple people on the team. It will only take a few minutes to complete. As you are responding to the questions, make sure you are thinking about how everyone on your team operates. Marking “yes” would indicate an element is 100 percent in place – everyone on the team participates every time blood pressure is measured

Created: 06-29-2015
Size: 414.94 KB
List of various blood pressure readings and when a patient should be diagnosed with prehypertension, stage 1 hypertension or stage 2 hypertension.

Created: 06-29-2015
Size: 142.87 KB