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Created: 05-22-2017
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Created: 05-22-2017
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The Utah Health Resource Guide contains information that consumers can use to make informed decisions about where to go for health care and how to interact with health care providers. It includes:

  • A chart of community resources and contact information directing consumers to each partner organization
  • A visual checklist on when to visit an emergency room versus an urgent care center
  • A list of low-cost clinics and urgent care centers in the West Valley City area with hours, contact information and languages spoken
  • A list of nurse, pharmacy, emergency and health care program helplines
  • Choosing Wisely articles and helpful guidance for interacting positively with doctors

Created: 09-15-2016
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Created: 08-31-2016
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This one pager includes Choosing Wisely’s 5 QUESTIONS to Ask Your Doctor Before Any Test, Treatment or Procedure with empty space to write in the contact information for an enrollment assistor, primary care provider and insurance plan carrier. It can be printed as a refrigerator magnet and placed on your refrigerator for frequent viewing and easy access to important health contacts.

Created: 08-31-2016
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Created: 11-05-2015
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Use the 5 questions to talk to your doctor about which tests, treatments, and procedures you need - and which you don't need.

Created: 04-13-2015
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A stuffed up nose and headache are no fun. But, antibiotics rarely work for a cold. 5 questions to ask your doctor about tests or treatments.

Created: 04-13-2015
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Don’t rush to antibiotics

Created: 04-13-2015
Size: 303.42 KB
When children need them—and when they don’t

Created: 04-13-2015
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