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Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Tool Kit

HealthInsight's Get Smart: Preserving the Power of Antibiotics initiative supports participating providers in implementing the Core Elements of Antibiotic Stewardship, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Nov. 2016. Our online tool kit is a work in progress, incorporating materials and educational resources from the CDC and other trusted sources. Bookmark and visit often to see what's new!

Antibiotic Stewardship for Healthier Patients and Medicare Reimbursement

This webinar, recorded May 24, 2017, describes the critical need for antibiotic stewardship and how to get assistance from HealthInsight while qualifying for incentives under the Medicare Quality Payment Program.
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About the Core Elements

Core Elements Checklist

Use this tool to evaluate your facility's implementation status for each of the four Core Elements.

Core Element 1: Commitment


Displaying a poster in the waiting area or exam room is a simple way to demonstrate your commitment to appropriate prescribing and start the conversation with patients who request antibiotics. Posters include space for facility to insert a clinician signature, printed-label logo or electronic logo.

Core Element 2: Action for Policy and Practice

Resources from CDC to support you in implementing policy or practice to improve antibiotic prescribing and assess whether the policy is working. Approaches include delayed prescribing and watchful waiting.

Core Element 3: Tracking and Reporting

Resources to help you monitor prescribing practices and provide feedback to prescribing clinicians.

Please contact HealthInsight staff for assistance.

Core Element 4: Education and Expertise

Resources for providers and patients, including symptoms and conditions antibiotics will not help, and access to expertise on optimizing prescribing practices.

Patient Handouts

State Antibiotic Stewardship Coalitions


To Learn More

Contact the project lead in your state to get more information:

Vicky Kolar, Project Coordinator
New Mexico:
Elaine Chavez, Project Manager
Carrie Beck, Project Coordinator
Sandra Debry, Project Manager