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Strong Start

What is Strong Start?

Strong Start is an initiative to support pregnant women within the Nevada Medicaid program with the goal of reducing pre-term births and low birth weight babies. We are focusing on women with high-risk behaviors, such as alcohol, tobacco, and drug use as well as those with high-risk health conditions identified by ACOG. Our goal is to decrease Nevada’s pre-term birth rate, low birth weight rate, NICU babies, and costs associated with premature births 8% by February 2016.

What We Do...

We promote our goals by teaching healthy behaviors, decisions and experiences using the Group Prenatal Care model. This model begins with routine health assessments, which include a prenatal check by a clinical professional and instruction for patient self-care. Additionally, group facilitators provide education that promotes healthy behaviors and care skills for expecting mothers. Most important is the group dynamic that offers social interaction and peer support for mothers.

How it Works...

Group Prenatal Care will be offered to Southern Nevada residents by The University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM) at the Family Resource Center and Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada (WHASN) at Dr. Strebel's clinic, and to Northern Nevada residents by Renown Pregnancy Center. During 10, 90-minute group sessions, expectant mothers will learn about the factors that can cause premature birth. Mothers will join a group of others at the same stage of pregnancy who may have similar questions and concerns about their pregnancies. Additionally, a doctor or midwife will check the health of each pregnant mother and her baby.

How We Connect...

Strong Start clinics will identify and encourage expectant mothers to join the program as early as possible during her pregnancy for the healthiest babies. To identify eligible expectant mothers the clinics will connect with them where they are, such as Social Services and other community partners. Once a mother enters the program, they will receive free medical care and group support.

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