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Office Policies and Procedures

Accurate blood pressure measurement is important to teach and review on a regular basis in your clinic setting. Clinics should have standards in place to ensure all MAs, RNs, physicians, and other providers know and review proper blood pressure measurement technique annually. Patient training and education on self-management and home blood pressure monitoring is also important to review on a regular basis.

In this section you will find resources for training staff and examples of training standards.

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Quality Data for Beginners: Using your Electronic Medical Record for Quality Reporting and Better Patient Care

This guide is for small clinics in a private practice and covers three main topics:

  1. basic quality reports and how to get them from your electronic health record (EHR)
  2. creation of patient lists
  3. how to use reports and patient lists for quality improvement.
Measure Up Pressure Down Video

An educational training video demonstrating proper blood pressure measurement technique.

Importance of Measuring Blood Pressure Accurately
Common errors in blood pressure technique are displayed alongside the corresponding changes in blood pressure measurement
Recommended Technique for Measuring Office Blood Pressure
Guide to proper blood pressure measurement technique, proper equipment and cuff sizing requirements as well as taking the measurements in both common and special circumstances.
Example of Office Policy for Patient Training Standards
Use this example of training standards to develop your own office policy of patient training for home blood pressure monitoring.
Office Policy for Blood Pressure Training Standards
Use this example of training standards to develop your own office policy for training staff on blood pressure measurement technique.

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