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What Do The Numbers Mean?

This chart is for general population home monitoring

Blood Pressure CategorySystolic 1st/top # Diastolic 2nd/bottom #
*Low ↓ 100 or ↓ 60
Normal 100-135 and 60-85
Hypertensize 135-180 or 85-110
*Severe Hypertension ↑ 180 or ↑ 110
*Very Severe Hypertension ↑ 200 or ↑ 120

*Call your Provider

My Blood Pressure Is Above Normal

It is important to get more than one blood pressure measurement to find out what your average blood pressure is. You should take 2 measurements, one minute apart, in the morning and in the evening for 5-7 days and record these measurements in a blood pressure log. If your average is above normal, you need to talk with your doctor and share your blood pressure records. Your doctor will discuss needed lifestyle changes to help you lower your blood pressure and, when appropriate, will prescribe medication.

Talk to your health care team aobut the ABCs
Practice Healthy Living Habits

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How do I work with my doctor?

Doctor with clipboardMany clinics will take your blood pressure without an appointment or co-pay. Contact your doctor's office today to see if they accept walk-in blood pressure checks. Keep a health resume and communicate with your doctor. Do not be afraid to ask questions or ask that your blood pressure be taken following the correct steps.

Checking my pressure at home

Patient with nurse at homeIf you are concerned about your blood pressure, you can monitor your blood pressure at home. Make sure you choose a machine that will give you correct information and keep a log to share with your doctor. We recommend these home monitoring blood pressure machines.

Other places you can check your pressure

Nurse taking blood pressureThere are several kiosks where you can stop by to take your blood pressure, but not all are created equal. PharmaSmart kiosks are checked for accuracy and are a partner with the Million Hearts Initiative.

Online Help

StethoscopeHeart360® is an easy-to-use tool which helps you understand and track the factors that affect your heart health - including blood pressure, physical activity, cholesterol, glucose, weight and medications.

Visit for free or low cost classes that will teach you to manage your chronic conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, and prediabetes.

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