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Quality ReportingQuality Reporting and Incentive Programs

Quality Reporting The United States spends more on health care than any other industrialized country, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Quality incentive programs are aimed at reducing those costs by offering financial rewards to providers that promote higher-quality health care at a lower cost.

HealthInsight is convening eligible providers and practitioners, hospitals, surgery centers, community partners and stakeholders to improve quality care and metrics to maximize reimbursement. HealthInsight will work with these providers to help them understand and meet the goals of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) hospital and physician value-based payment and quality reporting programs, Physician Feedback Reporting Program and use of the quality and cost measure information in the confidential quality and resources use reports (QRURs).

Get Involved

Why should your organization join the Quality Reporting and Incentive Programs initiative? Providers who participate with the HealthInsight QIN-QIO will benefit from the following:

Physician Office Practices:

  • Assistance reporting via Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and the value-based modifier (VM) program
  • Technical assistance using QRURs to reach goals set by CMS and assistance with PQRS reporting measures, analysis and submission
  • Tools and resources to identify gaps in quality care and strategies to improve quality metrics

Participating Health Care Settings:

  • Help meeting reporting requirements for the Inpatient and Outpatient Quality Reporting Programs and the Hospital Value-Based Payment Program (HVBP)
  • Education and technical assistance with HVBP and VM programs
  • Tools and resources to identify gaps in quality care and strategies to improve quality metrics

Join us

Contact a member of your local HealthInsight team for more information or to participate:


Ellen DePrat, Project Coordinator

New Mexico:

Danielle Pickett, Project Manager


David Smith, Project Manager


David Cook