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HealthInsight Can Help your Practice with QPP

We can help you maximize the well-being of your patients and staff while staying financially viable.

Serving New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon and Utah

Health IT

HealthInsight is ready to help practices take an integrated approach to the Quality Payment Program. We have studied the rules and stay informed on updates, clarifications and CMS learning opportunities. Some of the support we can offer:

  • Strategies to address multiple aspects of QPP while building your practice's capacity to achieve long-term success under alternative payment models
  • Guidance on how to use new revenue codes to build your practice's capacity to succeed across many newer payment programs
  • Support on how to advance through the stages of QPP to succeed initially and as the requirements build
  • Resources to help meet program requirements
  • Linkage to HealthInsight initiatives to count toward meeting QPP requirements
  • Connecting with your state health information exchange to help support QPP
  • Support for measure selection that aligns to your goals and priorities across MIPS categories

Health Care Practitioners in Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah:

HealthInsight is offering technical assistance and strategies to ensure success in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Quality Payment Program. This support is available at no cost to your practice. We have studied the rules and stay informed on updates, clarifications and learning opportunities from CMS.

New Mexico providers with 15 or fewer eligible clinicians

For New Mexico practices with 15 or fewer health care practitioners, particularly those in medically underserved and rural areas, the Health Services Advisory Group, Inc., (HSAG) headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, has been selected to provide this support, also at no cost to the practice. HealthInsight intends to work collaboratively with HSAG in developing a smooth hand-off process to seamlessly assist smaller practices on their Quality Payment Program efforts. HealthInsight will continue to assist practices in New Mexico with 16 or more health care practitioners.


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