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Patient Flow ECHO

Catalyzing Complex Systems Change by Optimizing Patient Flow with the ECHO Modelis a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) funded special project. We are supporting 50 primary care practices across Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah in building their capacity to improve their care processes by optimizing patient flows.

While the ECHO model has traditionally been used to increase rural clinicians’ ability to care for patients with complex diseases, this initiative will use an ECHO virtual learning community to increase primary care practices’ capacity to adapt their internal processes to improve quality and contain cost. The initial focus will be on the Annual Wellness Visit patient flow and in a follow-up session participants can choose to work on either the chronic care management flow, or community referrals and end-of-life patient flows. 

The skills learned and the adoption of consistent processes to perform wellness and other value added interactions with their patients will improve the participating practices’ ability to succeed in emerging payment models, such as accountable care organizations and the quality payment program.

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