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Strengthening Primary Care

Our Core Strategy: Strengthening Primary Care

Substantive new Medicare payments for primary care services have become available in recent years – with significant changes in the past year and additional changes announced for 2018. But practices face challenges adapting their business, service and staffing models to take advantage of these changes.

Our core strategy is designed to advance provider goals as it advances quality performance and health system improvement goals.

Our strategy recognizes primary care structure (business, service and staffing models) as a common root cause and leverage point, across a broad range of clinical topics. That structure can become a core intervention target for primary care. We’ve developed expertise, materials and training for strengthening primary care.

Core Intervention Targets

  • Increase the provision of under-used, high-value services in primary care, particularly Annual Wellness Visit, Chronic Care Management, Transitional Care Management and Advance Care Planning
  • Increase primary care clinical staffing.
  • Support ongoing process improvement and professional development for providers, care managers and other clinical staff.
  • Ensure complete and accurate billing for primary care wellness, preventive and care management services.

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    Annual Wellness Visit

    Annual Wellness Visit

  • Chronic Care Management

    Chronic Care Management

  • Transitional Care Management

    Transitional Care Management

  • Advance Care Planning

    Advance Care Planning