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Data Management and Analytic Services

HealthInsight Oregon is highly experienced in managing large volumes of health care data with a focus on performance measurement and reporting, process improvement and better patient outcomes. We also specialize in data collection from many sources, including claims and encounter data and medical records.

Our analysts, programmers and network and database administrators are adept at handling large data sets from disparate sources and turning the data into useful analytic files and reports that provide meaningful information in spite of data set limitations.

Review by our clinician consultants ensures the relevancy and validity of performance measures.

Data analysis for program evaluation

Our statisticians and analysts apply health care research designs and methodologies to comparative analysis, systematic pattern analysis and program evaluation. Examples include

  • HEDIS® data collection and reporting
  • ABC™ (Achievable Benchmarks of Care) reports
  • focused pattern-of-care studies
  • patient-centered composite measures of care analysis
  • validation of encounter data and performance measures
  • medical record data abstraction
  • managed care organization profiles and comparison reports
  • customized performance measure development and testing
Our communications specialists and QI experts turn data into accessible, actionable reports that can be used in policy evaluation, pay-for-performance initiatives, public reporting initiatives and improvement projects.

Surveys and focus groups

Our experts design and conduct consumer surveys and focus groups to elicit feedback on consumer satisfaction with health plans and providers, on consumer and provider perspectives on health policy and on the health behaviors of populations.
  • As part of our ongoing study for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, our researchers conducted focus groups with clinicians in nine states and surveyed more than 3,000 prescribers in Oregon to fill gaps in knowledge of how clinicians use data from state Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs.


HealthInsight Oregon staff:
Sara Hallvik, MPH

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