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Primary and Behavioral Health Workforce

Nevada ranks 46th for number of physicians per 100,000 residents. The workload per mental health practitioner in Nevada is more than 72% higher than in U. S. states in the top percentile. Wait times for doctor appointments in Nevada are longer than in other states. The number of reported violent crime offenses per 100,000 people, the percentage of driving deaths with alcohol involvement, and the percentage of adults reporting binge or heavy drinking are much higher than in other states. Patients with serious mental illness too often have no safe place to live and commit serious crimes when they miss their treatments. Most doctors establish their practices in the states where they complete their post graduate medical residency training. Nevada is in the process of establishing more safe environments for those with serious mental illness. Two new medical schools have begun application for accreditation and several hospitals in Nevada are establishing expanded medical residency post graduate programs to accommodate more health care professionals who stay in Nevada and improve our access to needed health care and social support services.

In 2012, Nevada had 1 physician for every 1,777 residents. In Clark County the ratio was 1 per 1,802 in 2014. Top performing U.S. states had 1 physician for every 1,045 residents.

Primary Care Physicians in Nevada

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