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Care Coordination

Two critical elements of improving patient care are patients’ access to care and communication between care settings across the continuum of care to facilitate smooth transitions for patients between these settings. While Nevada has been making strides with these elements there is still work to be done. For access to care, we propose the census bureau’s % Uninsured for patients younger than 65 years old and the American Medical Association’s ratio of population to primary care physician. To measure care coordination, we will use the 30-Day All Payer Readmission Rate calculated using the Center for Health Information & Analysis (CHIA) claims database. By tracking these measures, the NVP’s Care Coordination subgroup strives to call attention to this issue by increasing transparency and the collective accountability of our stakeholders.

Access to Care

1. % of Uninsured in Nevada

According to a recent Gallup poll, the % of Uninsured Nevadans dropped from 20% in 2013 to 15.7% in 2014. The table below shows states with the greatest reduction in the rate of uninsured. To see the complete table, access the Gallup report and scroll all the way to the bottom.

% of Uninsured

2. Ratio of population to primary care physicians in Nevada by county

In 2012, Nevada had 1 physician for every 1,777 residents. Top performing U.S. states had 1 physician for every 1,045 residents.

Primary Care Physicians in Nevada

Care Coordination

3. 30-Day All Payer Readmissions Rate

Nevada’s adult 30-Day All Cause Readmission Rate decreased 6% since 2010. Using full year 2010 as a baseline, the readmission rate was 12%. Our most current data shows that the readmission rate as of the 3rd quarter of 2015 was 11.3%.

HealthInsight calculates an All Payer 30-Day Readmission Rate using unique patient numbers in claims data to identify patients who were readmitted into a hospital within 30-days of discharge In an effort to exclude "planned readmissions" we exclude from our count same-day readmissions, transfers, and rehab visits.

30-Day Readmission Rate

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