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Community Collaboratives

Public health officials, medical professionals, educators, quality improvement professionals and other community leaders assess community health, education, and social services, prioritize issues and identify actions to improve the health and well-being of Nevadans. Many factors in addition to health care affect how healthy communities are. Less than 70% of Nevada 9th grade students graduated from high school. Improving graduation rates helps address social determinants of health such as access to financial resources, meaningful work, health insurance coverage, access to health care and social support and feeling a sense of purpose and community pride.

Recently online and printed directories have been developed to help Nevadans find help when they need social services as well as help finding medical help for chronic conditions like diabetes . County health districts , Nevada State Health Division and Federal web sites offer Nevadans access to information and support for improving their health and well-being. And organizations including Nevada chapters of American Heart Association and HealthInsight convene regular meetings of community collaboratives and coalitions across the state coordinating their mutual efforts to achieve faster and better health improvement.

Community Members Cycle

  • AHRQ
  • ATOP
  • NV Healthie
  • NHA
  • NRHI
  • NRHI
  • NPV
  • NV QIO
  • Strong Start
  • Do My PART - NV
  • QIO - Learn More - NM