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Understanding Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs): Advice for Solo and Small Group Practices (Web Event)

Upcoming Web Event

As many solo and small group practices advance in MIPS or consider other payment options, participation in an alternative payment model (APM) deserves consideration. Understanding how APMs and advanced APMs work and the pros and cons of APM participation can help with this decision. This event will provide free and objective information about what is required to participate in an advanced APM, the potential advantages of transitioning from MIPS to an APM, and how to know if your practice is ready. The event will feature a panel of experts that understand APMs, work regularly with clinicians and practices to help them succeed in MIPS, and that will provide you with practical advice on how to know if advanced APM participation will benefit your practice and patients.

Participants will learn:

  • What APMs and advanced APMs are and the criteria for participating in them
  • How to effectively transition from MIPS to an APM
  • Practical tips for addressing frequent challenges encountered by solo practitioners and small group practices when transitioning to an APM
  • How to access Free technical assistance resources available from CMS or a local Technical Assistance Organization funded by CMS to help you with MIPs or with considering the APM option

This event is designed for:

  • MIPS-eligible clinicians from solo and small group practices with 15 or fewer clinicians
  • Practice managers and other staff from small group practices considering a transition from MIPS to an APMs
  • Solo and small group practices who participate in an ACO or medical home


Two opportunities will be provided to participate in this webinar. To register for the event, choose one of the links below:


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