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FREE Diabetes Education (DSME) Materials & Webinar Recording (Increasing Referrals To & Utilization Of DSME)

From Brittany Ly, MPH
diabetes health program specialist
Healthy Living Through Environment, Policy & Improved Clinical Care (EPICC)
Utah Department of Health

To listen to the recording or download the PowerPoint from last week's webinar, Increasing Referrals and Utilization of DSMES and Incorporating NDPP, please click here.   

Note: The archived/recorded webinars are for knowledge only and are not eligible to earn CE.

FREE DSME Campaign Materials

Below are links to the DSME patient and provider resources mentioned at the end of the webinar. The Utah Department of Health recently completed a DSME campaign that targeted all major news outlets, provider journals/newsletters and social media platforms in Utah to increase awareness of our DSME programs. This campaign also allowed us to create the attached materials, which include:

DSME Provider Handout

DSME Patient Brochure English

DSME Patient Brochure Spanish

The Utah DSME Toolkit (Version 2)

DSME Patient Whiteboard Video (English)

DSME Patient Whiteboard Video (Spanish)

All resources are also available on our program website, as well as the LivingWell website.

We hope these resources can be of value in efforts to increase awareness, referrals and utilization for DSME services.

Lastly, if you are a diabetes educator in Utah (or working to become a diabetes educator), the Utah DSME Network is open! You may join here. You will be asked to complete three short screening questions prior to receiving access to the group. Please note, this network is for diabetes educators in Utah who are involved with DSME/Diabetes Education in some capacity.  

To contact Brittany Ly:
Ph:  801.538.6294
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