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It’s official! HealthInsight and Qualis Health merge

The governing boards of HealthInsight and Seattle-based Qualis Health have approved a merger of the two organizations and their operations across the U.S., as expected since their February announcement of an intent to merge.

HealthInsight and Qualis Health share a 40-year history as community-based, nonprofit, health care quality consulting organizations, assisting front-line providers and engaging stakeholders to improve health care and outcomes. The new merged organization builds on the successes, strengths and cultures of both companies, employing more than 500 people with office locations in 10 states and the District of Columbia.

Marc Bennett, CEO of the merged organization, said, “I’m excited about the future of our work. We believe the merger will enable us to fulfill our shared mission more effectively, expand the impact of our services, and most importantly, improve the health of the communities we serve.”

HealthInsight is committed to providing uninterrupted service as we progress toward full integration of our operations. The merger is not expected to cause any changes in the contacts and teams our clients and partners are already working with.

HealthInsight and Qualis Health will continue to use their current operational names until the organization introduces a new corporate brand later this year.

Read our press announcement for more details.
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