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Join HealthInsight’s "Get Smart" Antibiotic Stewardship Campaign for Outpatient Providers

Get Smart: Preserving the Power of Antibiotics

Infections from antibiotic resistant bacteria sicken 2 million Americans every year, and kill at least 23,000. Use of antibiotics is the single most important factor leading to resistance—and up to 50% of antibiotics prescribed for people are unnecessary or not optimally prescribed.

HealthInsight invites outpatient providers to be part of a movement to reduce these numbers. HealthInsight has launched Get Smart: Preserving the Power of Antibiotics—a campaign to engage and support medical practices and other outpatient prescribers in appropriate prescribing practices and patient and clinician education. The campaign is aligned with the CDC’s Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work program and based on the Core Elements of Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship (CDC 2016). 

HealthInsight’s Get Smart initiative will support 500 or more medical practices and other outpatient facilities in Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah in implementing the Core Elements by July 2019, part of a national effort funded by Medicare. We are partnering and coordinating with state health departments in all four states. 

Outpatient antibiotic stewardship addresses “pressure to prescribe during a care encounter, when patients may request antibiotics for conditions that they won’t help, including colds and other viral illnesses.  The first of the Core Elements is a public commitment to not use antibiotics when not appropriate—communicated simply through a poster in waiting areas and exam rooms, and supported through patient education handouts, such as “prescriptions” for non-drug approaches to relieve viral symptoms. 

How Get Smart Can Help

Get Smart will provide free assistance to implement the outpatient Core Elements, including a commitment poster that satisfies the first element. Providers will get help with tracking prescription activities and keeping current with clinical knowledge about antibiotics. HealthInsight’s technical assistance, education and materials are designed to enable the clinic or facility to create an environment that surrounds patients with consistent information about avoiding unnecessary antibiotics, and supports clinicians and staff in making appropriate prescribing the everyday expectation of clinicians, staff and patients.

Participation can also helps you align with antibiotic stewardship requirements of payers and measurement programs. Implementing the Core Elements counts as an Improvement Activity under the Medicare Quality Payment Program (QPP). 

Get Smart welcomes participation from outpatient providers that have prescribing clinicians, including medical practices, urgent care, emergency departments, dialysis centers, pharmacy-based clinics and ambulatory surgery centers. 

Learn more and join the campaign on Feb. 28 at

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