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"Cover Your Cough": Nursing Home Video Energizes and Educates

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How do you influence health care staff habits to avoid spread of illness? This was a hot topic within the Infection Control Affinity Group that formed as part of HealthInsight’s Oregon Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative. Rose Villa, a Portland care facility that is active in the Collaborative, answered the challenge by encouraging staff to make a video. The result—"Cover Your Cough"—is making the rounds at the nursing home and in the community.

The director of nursing services, Erica Knepper, provided ongoing support to see the project to completion. “Our employees really had fun doing this,” she says. “They are proud of what they accomplished together and enjoy seeing it shared on campus and beyond.” Erica observed that the process of making the video, not just the outcome, promoted infection control, leadership skills, staff engagement and teamwork. Says Erica, “I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Watch "Cover Your Cough" on YouTube

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