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New from CDC: Core Elements of Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship

Cover of Core Elements of Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published The Core Elements of Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship on Nov. 11. Written for clinicians and facilities that routinely prescribe antibiotics for outpatient use, the new guidelines support implementation of four core elements of an antibiotic stewardship program:

Commitment: Demonstrate dedication to and accountability for optimizing antibiotic prescribing and patient safety
Action for policy and practice: Implement at least one policy or practice to improve antibiotic prescribing, assess whether it is working and modify as needed
Tracking and reporting: Monitor antibiotic prescribing practices and offer regular feedback to clinicians, or have clinicians assess their own antibiotic prescribing practices themselves
Education and expertise: Provide educational resources to clinicians and patients on antibiotic prescribing, and ensure access to needed expertise on optimizing antibiotic prescribing

CDC support for providers

CDC provides many resources for outpatient clinicians and facilities as part of its "Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work" program, including the following:

Local resources

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