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Nursing Homes: Keep Coding Your Flu Shots!

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Flu season is here! Encourage staff and residents in your nursing home to get their flu vaccination.

To improve your composite score, remember the following information on MDS coding for resident vaccinations: 

One of the questions most commonly asked about item O0250 is whether staff should stop coding if resident received the influenza vaccine in the facility for this year’s flu season. The answer is staff should not stop coding until the next year’s flu season begins

For example, a resident received the flu vaccine on 10/5/16. Every MDS with an Assessment Reference Date (ARD) on or after 10/5/16 through 8/31/17 should indicate in O0250A that “yes,” the resident received the flu vaccine for this year’s flu season in the facility and should indicate in O0250B the date of 10/5/16, in the required format of 10_05_2016. 

If the resident receives a flu vaccine any time during the designated season months, it should be coded appropriately on the MDS assessment and carried forward until the new influenza season begins. 

For coding examples and clarification, always refer to your MDS RAI Manual on the CMS website.

Download a tip sheet on MDS coding for flu vaccinations

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