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Get Help to Perform Depression Screenings

Behavioral health care

Depression afflicts millions of older adults—about one in six, according to some estimates. Screening for Mental Health, Inc., sponsor of National Depression Screening Day (Oct. 6), reminds us that mental health should be viewed and treated with the same gravity as physical health.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends that all adults be screened for depression in primary care. As with preventive screening for other illnesses, identifying depression early on makes treatment more effective. 

HealthInsight is working with primary care practices and inpatient psychiatric facilities to improve behavioral health for older adults. Recently, our behavioral health team presented a four-part webinar series, designed to help clinics implement or improve behavioral health screening processes.

Module 1: Utilizing Screening Tools to Improve Identification of Depression and Alcohol Misuse
Module 2: The ABCs of Scoring and Interpreting Behavioral Health Screens
Module 3: Monitoring Patients to Symptom Remission
Module 4: Behavioral Health Referrals and Community Resources

The webinar slides for each module are available for download from our website.

Look for additional resources in the online Behavioral Health Integration Resource Library developed by the Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute, in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority’s Transformation Center. The library’s clinical practice resources include virtual clinic visits, expert interview videos, webinars, toolkits, screeners, checklists and more, covering screening, assessment and treatment and specific topics like substance use, suicide prevention and trauma-informed care.

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