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Northwest Renal Network joins the HealthInsight ESRD Alliance

Salt Lake City, May 22, 2015 — HealthInsight, a nonprofit, community-based health care consulting organization, has announced the addition of another End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Network to the recently created HealthInsight ESRD Alliance. Northwest Renal Network, which holds the contract for ESRD Network 16, plans to affiliate with HealthInsight. Northwest Renal Network joins Intermountain ESRD Network (ESRD Networks 15 and 17) as part of the new HealthInsight ESRD Alliance. The alliance was developed to bring together the strengths of all partners to further integrate quality efforts across the care continuum for patients at risk for kidney disease, those with Chronic Kidney Disease, those on dialysis or receiving kidney transplant care. Northwest Renal Network will retain their corporate identity and will continue to use their current name alongside the HealthInsight ESRD Alliance name in order to preserve and build upon their successful work and history in their region.

With this announcement, all 18 current ESRD Networks are now affiliated with or partnering with a Quality Innovation Network - Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO). All but one of those partnerships/affiliations are multi-network in scope. By working together, the partners will be more efficient and effective in how they execute the ESRD and QIN-QIO activities, and ensure a broader impact in their communities. This collaboration will work toward transforming health care to achieve improved quality, safety and value for ESRD patients and to assure continuity of exceptional care.

As a QIN-QIO, HealthInsight leads health care quality improvement activities for the Medicare Program for a four-state region serving Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Utah under a five-year contract awarded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The organization works with health care providers, stakeholders and patient communities to transform care and improve care delivery and patient outcomes.

“We believe that there will be immediate synergy as we bring the strength and long history of outstanding quality outcomes of Northwest Renal Network with Intermountain ESRD Network and HealthInsight,” said Marc Bennett, HealthInsight president and CEO. “Adding Northwest Renal Network to our partnership will further enrich our ability to create opportunities for meaningful innovation and for a significantly broader geographic implementation of quality initiatives.”

Northwest Renal Network holds the CMS contract for ESRD Network 16 and has served as an ESRD Network organization since 1978. Operating under contract with CMS, ESRD Networks work with patients, ESRD facilities and other providers of ESRD services to refine care delivery systems to make sure patients with chronic kidney disease, ESRD, or those receiving kidney transplant care get the right care at the right time. Network 16 serves Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

“Northwest Renal Network is excited to be joining HealthInsight and Intermountain ESRD Network and as part of the HealthInsight ESRD Alliance,” said Katrina Russell, RN, CNN, board chair of Northwest Renal Network. “We believe this partnership will help us enhance our ability to bring quality care to the patients we serve and will expand the capabilities of all partners combining resources and expertise for the benefit of those who suffer with kidney disease.”

About HealthInsight

HealthInsight is a recognized leader in convening and partnering with communities to improve health and health care by advancing quality, efficiency and value for patients and providers. We are leading experts in quality improvement; transparency and public reporting; use of health information technology; engaging patients to improve their health; and redesigning how care is paid for and delivered.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, HealthInsight has more than 40 years of experience assisting front-line providers and engaging health care stakeholders. HealthInsight services improve outcomes and deliver measureable results that directly influence the care delivered to millions of people. Learn more at

About Northwest Renal Network

Northwest Renal Network has served the kidney community in the Pacific Northwest since 1978, holding the Network 16 contract since that time. They are leaders in quality innovation across the country consistently meeting or exceeding clinical measures of excellence. Known to be a collaborative resource to both patients and facilities, NWRN provides proven expertise in data, clinical and beneficiary efforts. Learn more at

About the HealthInsight ESRD Alliance

The HealthInsight ESRD Alliance is comprised of HealthInsight; Northwest Renal Network, which holds the current ESRD Network 16 contract; and Intermountain ESRD Network, which holds the current ESRD Network 15 and 17 contracts. The alliance brings together the strengths of all partners to ensure quality health care for ESRD beneficiaries. The HealthInsight ESRD Alliance serves over 58,000 patients with ESRD and 769 dialysis and transplant facilities across 13 states and three territories including Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Northern California, Hawaii, Guam, the American Samoa and Mariana Islands-Saipan.