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HealthInsight Privacy and Security Officer Receives CISSP Certification

John AndersonHealthInsight is pleased to announce that John Anderson, corporate privacy and security officer, has received his Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification.

The CISSP is a globally recognized certification in information security and having the credential shows Anderson has the skills, knowledge and experience needed to build and manage the security systems of HealthInsight.

To earn the certification Anderson first had to pass a six-hour, 250-question exam that included questions about 10 different security domains. The exam is the first step. In order to be certified Anderson had to be sponsored and endorsed by a CISSP member of good standing and have a minimum of five years experience working in at least two of the 10 domains. Anderson earned his Master of Science in Information System Management from Northwestern University and began his career in Information Technology at AT&T Bell Laboratories. He has also provided Big 4 consultation to multiple Fortune 50 companies.

Anderson has worked for HealthInsight for four years, serves a leader in the area of data privacy and security, and is responsible for establishing strategies and implementing and monitoring information security standards and policies.

The CISSP certification allows Anderson to support HealthInsight's efforts with the HealtHIE Nevada Health Information Exchange, as well as supporting various other activities as HealthInsight moves forward with strategic aims of transparency and knowledge exchange.