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HealthInsight New Mexico Finalizes Legal Name Change

Marc Bennet and Richard Kozoll

While the New Mexico Medical Review Association underwent an external name change and rebranding effort during the course of a formal affiliation with HealthInsight back in January 2012, until recently the local company had continued to operate legally as the New Mexico Medical Review Association d.b.a. HealthInsight New Mexico.

Following a lengthy legal and operational process, on January 31 HealthInsight President and CEO Marc Bennett and HealthInsight New Mexico Board Chair Richard Kozoll, MD, signed an amendment to the local company’s Articles of Incorporation to formally change its legal name to HealthInsight New Mexico. This action was not a merger technically: a true merger would have dissolved NMMRA, where the amendment leaves the organization intact as a local 501(c)3 organization.

HealthInsight now functions an interlocked structure of three state boards with equal representation on the HealthInsight Management Corporation Board with comingling of assets.