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Medical Director Named AMA Caucus Chair

John Seibel, MD, Albuquerque physician and HealthInsight New Mexico medical director, was recently named chair of the prestigious Specialty and Service Society (SSS) Caucus of the American Medical Association. Dr. Seibel had previously served on this society’s governing board. He is a practicing endocrinologist and is a past president of the New Mexico Medical Society.

“Dr. Seibel represents New Mexico well in this prestigious AMA position,” said Boyd Kleefisch, HealthInsight New Mexico executive director. “Dr. Seibel deserves special recognition for performing valuable leadership roles in health care, both locally and nationally.”

The SSS is the largest caucus in the AMA House of Delegates and is made up of more than 130 national medical societies, military service groups and professional interest medical associations. The specialty societies that make up the SSS Caucus either have seats in the House of Delegates or are seeking admission to the House.

The SSS Caucus meets twice annually in conjunction with the interim and annual meetings of the House. The eight-person governing board oversees the SSS Caucus and is elected by SSS Caucus membership.

The SSS Caucus is composed of other committees that handle various aspects of SSS planning, including the Credentials, Rules, and Long Range Planning committees.

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