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Maternity Care Costs Now Available by Hospital

UtahHealthScape Website Gets New Look, More Information for Health Care Consumers

Salt Lake City — November 21, 2016 — Are you preparing to have a baby and are curious what your hospital bill might look like? Does your doctor deliver at more than one hospital and you would like to compare your options? Or do you want to know how often C-sections are performed at the hospital where you will be delivering? You can find the answers to these questions and more on the newly redesigned

Maternity care cost and quality data are now available via hospital, meaning you can compare the cost of delivering a baby at every hospital in Utah. You can also get data about the number of C-sections, inductions or vaginal births after C-sections being performed at your hospital. UtahHealthScape also provides information about other costs included in having a baby like doctor fees, ultrasound and lab fees and pediatrician costs.

"The website is easy to use and is helpful for first-time moms like me who have no idea what it is going to cost to have a baby. It shows the highs and lows and median so if you have a normal, healthy delivery you can get an idea of what it will cost," said Whitney Wilkerson, who is pregnant with her first baby. "You can also compare nearby hospitals so if you are early in your pregnancy and cost is really an issue you can take that into consideration."

UtahHealthScape has been providing cost and quality data on Utah hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies and physicians since 2011but the redesigned website now puts more information in the hands of the consumers, providing tools and resources to help Utahns make informed decisions about the cost and quality of their care. Along with the new maternity cost data, UtahHealthScape now also includes hospital acquired infection data, readmission rates, HealthInsight Quality Award designations and information on whether or not your provider participates in the Clinical Health Information Exchange (cHIE). The information available allows users to compare facilities for themselves or their loved ones. All of the new information is available in English or Spanish, and has been optimized to be accessible and searchable on mobile devices.

"HealthInsight and our community partners are committed to giving patients access to information that they want. The ability to share cost and quality information empowers families as they make decisions about care. We hope the information available on UtahHealthScape spurs conversations between patients and their doctors," said Dr. Sarah Woolsey, medical director at HealthInsight Utah. "We are excited that this update provides even more information and the ability to compare cost, quality, all while being easier to use."

UtahHealthScape is powered by HealthInsight, a nonprofit, community-based health care collaborative working to improve health and health care for patients and providers, and is dedicated to providing Utah health care consumers with the information they need to make informed choices.

Dr. Sarah Woosley is available for interviews upon request. Please contact Paige Fieldsted to schedule an interview.

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