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Health Care System Performance and Population Health Status Measures

Systems Measures-Healthcare: Nevada, New Mexico and Utah

The systems measures provide a broad and general picture of the performance of the state's healthcare system. The measures were chosen to reflect the different dimensions of care, including type of care (e.g. preventive, acute and chronic) and setting of care (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes and ambulatory care).

Systems Measures-Health Status: Nevada, New Mexico and Utah

The health status measures provide a general picture of the health of the state’s population. These include measures of mortality, self-reported perceptions of overall health status and health-related risk behaviors.

AHRQ Reports Assess US Progress in Healthcare Quality and Disparities in Care

For the 11th consecutive year, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has released complementary reports that assess the U.S. health care system's performance in the areas of health care quality, access and disparities in care. The two reports -- the 2013 National Healthcare Quality Report( and the National Healthcare Disparities Report( -- provide information on hundreds of health care measures categorized into specific areas such as effectiveness, patient safety, timeliness, care coordination, efficiency and access to care. As with previous reports, data years covered vary across measures, although most trend analyses included data points from 2000-02 to 2010-11.