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Silver Sage Center for Family Medicine - Reno, Nevada

As an active participant in HealthInsight’s Preventative Care Management Initiative since 2008, a project aimed at improving preventative care measures in the outpatient setting Silver Sage Center for Family Medicine in Reno, has shown significant improvement in breast cancer screening rates as well as flu shot administration. They began an investigation that revealed that they were not documenting correctly in their electronic health record, in addition to some problems with internal workflows. With assistance from HealthInsight, they created new processes to ensure documentation was consistent in all patient interactions, allowing physicians to accurately order screenings for eligible patients. As a result, between March 2008 and October 2010, they have had a 15% absolute improvement on breast cancer screening rates and an 8% absolute improvement on flu shot administration.

Silver Sage was also the first and only physician office in Nevada to receive the first annual 2009 HealthInsight Quality Award, an award aimed at the adoption and effective use of health information technology to manage patient populations, participation in a data reporting quality initiative, and exemplary performance on nationally-recognized clinical outcome measures. Congratulations to Dr. Pasternak and his team over at Silver Sage Center for Family Medicine!