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Alpine Internal Medicine

Beacon Clinic Utilizes Beacon Support Tools

Highlighting the Alpine Internal Medicine Clinic

Alpine Internal Medicine has embraced becoming one of the Beacon Robust Cohort clinics (high-achieving clinics that are substantially moving diabetes measures). They’re adopting a “full court press” utilizing Beacon support tools in conjunction with their fourth Beacon AIM regarding LDL testing. The first aim - increasing eye exams, completion and documentation, included promotion of “retro sunglasses,” which worked well. Staff gave sunglasses to patients, and also wore them around the clinic to help remind them to document exams.

Eye exams were followed by A1c testing, and A1c control. The staff incorporated HealthInsight’s diabetic report cards to engage patients in their care by increasing awareness and accountability of goals and target range values. An A1c training inservice was conducted for the MAs who feel more empowered to talk with patients about their A1c. Measuring cups, provided by HealthInsight, are used by staff to educate patients on carbohydrate serving sizes and food groups. Providers are each using measuring cups as a sample tool for education at each patient visit, in addition to diabetic education. Cups are given to patients who are “out of range” on their A1c values.

Undoubtedly, LDL testing will be followed by LDL control. Three of six tasks on this AIM were accomplished in the first three weeks of the goal. An LDL training inservice is next on the horizon for the staff.

The clinic has posted foot exam posters in exam rooms and is using handheld mirrors with foot care instructions as both a teaching tool and patient engagement tool, as a “take home” token.

The toolkit tools facilitate reminders of protocols and practices for patient engagement, self-management, and success of patients and staff in reaching diabetes goals and improvements.

Alpine Internal Medicine has had various glitches along the journey with documentation, retrieval of data and storing of measures with its EHR. The support they have from their vendor, Red Planet, has been monumental in a positive way. Issues are resolved immediately so as not to create an impedance to their success.

The clinic staff has attended all Beacon Learning Sessions and continues to integrate their newly acquired information. They’ve completed Clinical Health Information Exchange (cHIE) training, have their login and can connect!

In many areas, they’re exhibiting use of the tools, showing that if we engage ourselves, we’ll engage others. Given the nails, they’ll hammer it home!

For more information, contact Travis Smith.