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Innovation through Collaboration

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Several years ago I wrote about how technology can help support innovation and recognized that it can also be a “disruptive force” for processes and communication. That hasn’t changed. I’m now beginning to witness and directly experience how collaboration supports innovation.

With the recent merger of HealthInsight and Qualis Health, the Information Services Team is going through another period of explosive growth with new infrastructure, new staff with new skills and tools, and even new technologies. We’re entrenched in efforts to look at and compare what works and what could be improved. We’ve begun recognizing and supporting new collaborative opportunities, both within our own team and more broadly with the newly combined staff. We’re helping to set, support and develop the new “norms” for this organization as it begins to define itself.

Along the way, our staff will explore new opportunities and spend time and effort getting to know each other – where our strengths lie and where we can help each other to improve together. To facilitate that process, we’ll continue to look for potential areas where we can become even more nimble as a larger organization. I’ve watched as the individuals who make up this new organization embrace the differences that make people unique. They’re genuinely interested in working toward the best outcomes – not only for internal needs, but for everyone we work with, too.

So what does all of that mean, really? I believe that in helping to support all of these collaborative efforts, we’ll strengthen our relationships and help create a workplace of continual improvement, initiative and innovation. Innovation may be as simple as a new process or as big as a new opportunity that we haven’t yet explored. Nonetheless, having collaborative opportunities – whether at the team level or even between individuals – will support and encourage innovative thinking, sharing and change.

But it will take all of us working toward a shared vision to get there. In a way the efforts, challenges and progress of our merger mirror our work with you – our partners – in working through the challenges in health care and striving toward our shared vision of an improved, efficient, safe and cost-effective system for all of us.

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