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About HealthInsight

HealthInsight is a nonprofit, community-based health care consulting organization dedicated to improving health and health care.

In April 2018, HealthInsight and Qualis Health announced a formal merger, combining the two organizations and operations across the U.S. Both HealthInsight and Qualis Health have been engaged in health care quality consulting and providing quality improvement services for more than 40 years.

HealthInsight and Qualis Health

HealthInsight and Qualis Health are national leaders in assisting front-line providers and engaging health care stakeholders to improve care delivery and patient outcomes, with offices in Alabama, Alaska, California, the District of Columbia, Idaho, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Clients include the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, state Medicaid and other government agencies, health plans and providers, federally qualified health centers, foundations and other privately funded organizations.

The newly merged organization’s programs include nationally recognized care management services for public and private purchasers; technical assistance and support to health care providers; health information technology consulting services through the Outlook Associates subsidiary; external quality review services; transparency and public reporting of health care services and health outcomes; patient and family engagement work in the community; and redesigning how care is paid for and delivered.

To learn more about Qualis Health, visit their website at

Read the merger announcement press release in our Newsroom.

HealthInsight holds contracts and grants in key areas of health care improvement:


Health Information Technology/Health Information Exchange (HIT/HIE)

Learning Systems Support, Knowledge Management and Technical Assistance

Patient and Family Engagement

Patient Safety

Key Partnerships

HealthInsight is a key partner in the following areas:

  • New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Value – New Mexico
  • Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement Collaborative (NRHI) – Nevada, New Mexico and Utah
  • The Nevada and Utah Partnerships for Value-Driven Health Care (NPV, UPV) – Nevada and Utah

Convening our Community

At HealthInsight, we understand the complexity of the health care system and the points of leverage for change:

  • Health care providers: We work intensively with hospitals, physician offices, long-term care and home health providers. As a thought leader and trusted adviser to those actively delivering health care, we engage our community partners in "learning labs" for continuous improvement.
  • Payers, purchasers, policy makers: We lead our communities in improving our health care system.
  • Public/consumers:  We translate health care data into actionable information that patients and their families can use to navigate the health care system and improve their health.
  • Patients and families: We are working to bring clinicians and patients together to address the ever-increasing costs and complexities of our health care system. HealthInsight convenes Patient and Family Advisory Councils to bring understanding of the public perspective in order to help improve health outcomes.

Drivers of Change: Improved System Performance Relationships

Improved System Performance Relationships

While HealthInsight's efforts have produced measureable improvements in health care quality, we believe we need a multifaceted approach if we are to move beyond gradual, incremental improvements to produce the major changes needed to achieve better outcomes at reasonable costs.

This figure represents a model developed at HealthInsight to show the interrelated efforts we believe our communities must work on simultaneously in order to create sustainable gains. Our organizational strategy is to organize, expand upon existing efforts, support our partners and reinforce, encourage or otherwise foster initiatives that move these levers.

These levers for change include:

  • Sharing clinic data across the continuum of care
  • Making optimal use of health information technology to improve and coordinate care
  • Promoting transparency of quality and cost data and continuously providing actionable data to front-line workers
  • Redesigning work flow and care processes and supporting associated culture change
  • Engaging consumers of health care in owning their own care and their own health, enabled with cost and quality data

All of this has to happen in an environment with payment aligned to reward quality and efficiency. No single entity can drive all that change. Effectively engaging as a community, including alignment of government efforts, has to be an overarching key strategy.

Currently many of these efforts are funded from different sources as independent projects. HealthInsight is working to coordinate across these efforts in our communities and obtain funding in the areas not covered. We are working toward building a sustainable, integrated community approach through the many initiatives we take on.

For more information about HealthInsight, follow us on Twitter at @HealthInsight_.