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Home Health Quality Award Criteria

The 2016 HealthInsight Home Health Quality Award criteria consist of three major components:

1. The agency ranks in the 90th percentile using current ranking methods: Based on the 22 available quality measures and a minimum of one-full year of data.

2. The agency has no condition of participation level deficiencies on their last Medicare certification survey: HealthInsight will verify this information.

3. The agency demonstrates the following:

  • A quality improvement project completed in the last six-months that targets a quality measure(s) and promotes an element(s) of patient-centered care.
    • Elements of patient-centered care:
      • Respect for patient values, preferences, and expressed needs
      • Coordination and integration of care
      • Information, communication, education
      • Physical comfort
      • Emotional support
      • Involvement of family and friends
      • Transition and continuity

Home health agencies that meet the criteria will be awarded the HealthInsight Home Health Quality Award for 2016.

In addition, home health agencies that demonstrate the specified level of improvement over a one-year time frame will be recognized with a certificate for excellence in quality improvement. Eligibility for the certificate would include:

  • No Condition of Participation level deficiencies on their last State Survey
  • An agency must decrease the gap between their ranking for the previous year's award selection and the 100th percentile by 50 percent. That is, if the original ranking was the 20th percentile, the agency would have to improve to at least the 60th percentile: (20 + {[100 - 20] * 0.05}) = 60.

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